Let us make sure your passport photo is right...

We provide easy and convenient passport photo services for a very reasonable price. 
Some guidelines to follow:
1. Wear something that is dark or brightly colored. You will have your picture taken against a white background, so you want to make sure your clothing contrasts well.
2. No headbands, barrettes, large earrings or eye glasses are allowed by passport regulations. Nothing can obscure the natural shape of the face or jawline. You may be asked to help the photographer make sure your face is not obstructed by your hair. 
3. Head coverings of any kind are ONLY allowed for religious purposes. You will be asked to submit a signed statement if you are wearing a head covering for religious reasons.
If you need to submit a statement requesting to wear a head covering in your photo, click here.
4. If you applying for a passport for an infant, please bring a white or cream colored blanket to lay over the carseat when taking your child's picture. Parents may not hold the infant for the photo (no third party in the picture is allowed) and a solid, light colored background is required for the photograph.
FEE: $10.00 (CASH)

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