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Our Civil Docket is available for searching and filing through
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Peachcourt is a third party hosting site used by the Superior Court Clerk's Office. There may be additional fees for viewing or filing documents. Please read their directions and policies carefully. 

requesting documents...

If you need to request information from a civil case that you cannot find online on the Peachcourt website, you may request it from the Clerk's Office. You must provide the
*Civil Docket number
*document type (complaint, child support order, entry of service, etc.)
*the name of at least one of the parties. 

child support...

Child Support Recovery Services is a division of the Department of Human Services and operates through the District Attorney's Office. Individual's case files are located in the county where the non-custodial parent lives, however the Clerk of Court only provides access to the child support records and other documents of the case. We cannot assist with filing or advice regarding your case. If you have questions regarding actions with your case, or want to file a demand for child support, you must contact Child Support Recovery Services. More information may be found by click the link below. If you need to contact the local office, you can find their contact information at the child support website by clicking on VISIT AN OFFICE. They are listed under Pataula/Cuthbert.

questions regarding filing for divorce or name change...

For answers to common questions regarding filing for divorce in Terrell County click the link below...

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