Real Estate Records

Deeds, Liens, Plats, and UCCs

searching the record...

Real Estate records are regularly transmitted to the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority webiste to be accessed for searching online. Our Deed, Lien, and Plat Dockets go back to 1989 for online searches. If you have a record you are searching from before 1989 that you cannot find, you may request that document from our staff.


filing online...

DID YOU KNOW that you can file deeds, liens, plats, and UCCS electronically through the GSCCCA website? Click on the button below and follow the directions on their website to use this convenient option!

get your pt-61 form...

Certain deeds require a PT-61 Transfer Tax Declaration Form to be recorded by the clerk. If you have been informed that your deed cannot be filed or recorded without a PT-61 form, use the link below to create and print your form. Please print your completed form and include it with your deed when you file your documents. 


Uniform Commercial Code filings can be filed or searched for on the GSCCCA website.

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